7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring a Web Design Company

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The decision to hire a particular web design company can make or break your business. This decision plays a huge part in establishing your online presence, without which it will be hard for your company to succeed. Surprisingly, a lot of people make the same mistakes when choosing a web design agency. Choosing the wrong agency can bring about many problems and, in extreme cases, even lead to your business failing. In this article, we are going to cover the most frequent pitfalls business owners encounter when making this decision and show you how to properly steer clear of them.

Here is what you should avoid:

1. Choosing a Cheap Web Design Company

It’s perfectly normal to try to find the best deals and bargains whenever we purchase a product or service because we never want to feel like we overspent on something. Within the web design world, however, it is very common that the companies with far cheaper services, in best-case scenarios, offer subpar websites, and in worst-case scenarios, make websites that are barely functional or even non-functional.

Choosing a web design company that is slightly cheaper than their competitors is very often just fine, but you should always avoid the drastically cheaper companies as they can either be extremely inexperienced or outright scams.

2. Overpaying For Your Website

Now we come to the other end of the spectrum. It’s also possible for a company to drastically overcharge you for a service that isn’t worth even close to that amount. The nature of the industry and the fact that most companies don’t disclose their prices means that, in some instances, a company can charge up to two or three times the market price to an unknowing customer.

When choosing a web design company it’s often best to try to compare companies with disclosed prices and gauge the market or, if you’re interested in companies that don’t disclose their prices, ask for a quote from multiple agencies so that you can compare the prices.

3. Not Setting Deadlines

This mistake is on both your and the agency’s part. By not defining deadlines you are giving the agency too much leeway and the web design process can last much longer than it should. On the other hand, if the agency isn’t setting deadlines for their work and for the info they need from you, it can be bad news. This can either mean that they are unprofessional and inexperienced or, in the most extreme cases, even malicious.

If your web designers don’t suggest any deadlines take this as a red flag and back out of the project. If they do offer deadlines, try to negotiate with them so that the date suits you better.

4. Not Understanding Your Business Needs

Before building your website you need to define exactly what your business goals are and what’s the brand image you’re trying to achieve. Your designers can and should help out with details, but you should be the one that defines this. The web design process can be much longer and more difficult if you do not understand your business needs. In these situations, your web designers will have to analyze your business and try to determine this themselves, which will take a lot of time to do. Most of the time they will not be able to make this assessment as good as you, leading to a worse website for you.

When you consider all this you can see how important it is to try to define the business needs yourself before the web design process even starts.

5. Not Knowing The Difference Between Web Development And Web Design

A lot of business owners mix up web design and web development even though they represent very different pieces of the website creation process. Namely, web development relates to building the code that will run your website, while web design refers to making the design and aesthetics of your website.

When creating a website you cannot hire only one or the other, you will need both to make your website work. Alternatively, you can choose a web design company that offers integrated web design and web development services.

6. Not Trusting Your Web Designer To Make Design Decisions

One of the problems some business owners have during the web design process is giving up control over specific aspects of their website. Your input in this process should, of course, be valued and utilized, but you should try to trust your designers when it comes to design decisions as it is why you hired them in the first place. In most instances, your designer will have a point that comes from experience and knowledge so you should try to work with them to develop those ideas into something that appeals to you.

Trying to plan out every aspect of the website by yourself will most likely lead to a subpar website because it doesn’t fully utilize the expertise of your web designers.

7. Not Thinking About Monthly Maintenance

Some web design companies can give you a lot of trouble if, once the web design is complete, they simply hand over the website and leave you without anyone to maintain your site. Lack of maintenance can lead to your website not running properly or even crashing, so it’s paramount that you find a web design company that prioritizes website maintenance and customer service.

For some business owners, the best way to go could be to hire a client-focused web design company like WebPhaseStudio, which offers monthly subscription plans that prioritize the maintenance and continuous updates of your site to keep it fresh.

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