8 Hardware Store Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Website Traffic

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Have you been struggling to expand your business further and reach more customers? If so, this article might just be what you were looking for.

All of the methods listed here are tried and tested within the digital marketing world. Having this in mind, you always need to remember that all good marketing takes time and effort, so you shouldn’t expect a drastic change overnight. Don’t lose faith if your results aren’t immediate, keep working at it and you will inevitably find success!

1. Find Your Niche

Before doing anything else you will need to define your company’s position within the wider market. Even though it may seem counterintuitive to make your target market more narrow, it ultimately has so many benefits that you cannot afford not to do it.

Just some of the benefits of this procedure are:

  1. A More Focused Marketing Strategy
  2. Less Competition
  3. A Higher Profit Margin

All of these benefits come from the fact that by focusing your efforts on a specific customer base you will be able to develop a very specific product. This will, in turn, mean that you will have less competition, meaning that you can impose higher prices for your product.

For a hardware business, the target niche could be something like specializing in gardening equipment or high-end bathroom components.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

After deciding on the specific niche that your company will be targeting, you will need to dive deep and understand who your target customers are, what are their habits and what they like. This knowledge will help you to further focus your marketing and achieve a much higher customer conversion rate.

You can use some of the following tools to find out more about your customers:

  • Google Analytics – This can be a great source of information about your site visitors, as it can help you figure out which demographic segments have the highest conversions.
  • Analyze your customers – Look into the customers you personally know and try to find some commonalities between them.
  • Use Google – You can always use google to find the blogs, forums, and social media platforms that are most widely used by your customer base.

The target audience within the hardware store industry will most likely be middle-aged families in the middle to lower class, but you should always aim at an even more specific customer profile.

3. Start Your Blog

As the most popular saying within the digital marketing community goes “Content Is King”. This is an absolute truth that also applies to the hardware store industry, being that your content will be the foundation on which you will build the rest of your marketing strategy.

Now that you know more about your customers and your position within the market you can use that knowledge to create blog posts that will answer some of their most commonly asked questions through blog posts. By answering their questions you will gain their trust which will make you more reliable and reputable, making it more likely for the readers of your blog to buy something from your store.

4. Leverage Your Articles On Social Media

Once you write some content don’t let it just sit there, use it to gain more traffic on social media! Use the most interesting facts from the article to create a social media post and don’t forget to link to the original article.

One thing to note is that you should find the social media platform that is most widely used by your audience and focus most of your social media efforts on it. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect other social media platforms, just that you should primarily focus on that one.

5. Use Your Articles To Boost SEO

An inherent benefit of blog posts is that they will automatically rank within the search engine results for particular keywords if your content is relevant. This means that before writing your posts, you should try to find keywords that would be relatively easy to rank for and relevant to your article, while still bringing in a decent amount of traffic. Once you find those keywords you should simply adjust your content a bit to incorporate them within it.

This is no easy task and you shouldn’t take it as an absolute, but you should still do your best to implement this process in your writing procedure as it can lead to much more organic traffic through search engines.

6. Create An Email Marketing Campaign

At a certain point, you will have enough articles written so that you can create a newsletter for your most loyal readers. To create your email marketing campaign you will need to integrate the most relevant info from your blog into email format (with links to the original blog posts, of course).

These present a great opportunity to keep your readers in the loop and send them the newest blog posts. Every fifth or so email, you can use this platform to send them a discount offer on particular hardware items or some type of promotional email.

7. Use Paid Ads To Promote Your Most Popular Content

With a large number of articles, you will also be able to figure out which ones are popular and which ones are not so much. You can use this to your advantage and promote your most interesting posts via paid ads on google or some social media that your customers primarily use.

You should hold out on this tactic as it can be a bit costly and, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s possible to lose the money without gaining anything for your company.

8. Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

Finally, if all of the ideas listed above seem to be too much work right now, or if you simply think that they need to be done professionally, you can always hire an experienced digital marketing agency to help you out in your marketing efforts.

Professional digital marketing companies like WebPhaseStudio can help your hardware company gain much more traffic and conversions through a content marketing campaign focused on creating trust with your customers.

Of course, it is up to you to figure out and calculate if the cost of these services is less or more than the value of the time you would need to put in to learn and apply these strategies all on your own.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations, you now know some of the relevant tactics that can help you propel your hardware store forward and reach more customers! Even if you don’t plan to do this personally, you will benefit from knowing how some digital marketing strategies work on the surface level, as it will help you better communicate with the marketing agency that you choose to hire.

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