Top 7 Best Hardware Store Websites In 2022

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A smart business relies on its website to reflect its company values and drive as much revenue as possible. You only have a few seconds to capture your visitors’ attention so your website must look professional and unique.
Here are 7 hardware store website examples that could help you find inspiration to showcase your business in the best way possible:

1. Ace Hardware

Kicking off with an industry leader, Ace Hardware does an excellent job of presenting its products cleanly and logically, making it easy for customers to orient themselves and make a purchase.

This website represents a very standard and traditional approach to design which accurately conveys the brand image and the overall size of the company.

2. Home Hardware

Home Hardware, an Ontario-based industry leader, perfectly showcases how a hardware store website can be both modern and fun. Its bright colors combined with the rounded aesthetic of its buttons and images give off a pleasant and friendly vibe that simply invites you to shop there.

If your goal is to present your store as youthful and energetic, this is the way to go!

3. Rick’s Hardware

Rick’s Hardware, a Texas-based chain, takes on a more slick and minimalist approach for its website that makes it feel more serious, but at the same time, more elegant and pristine than its competitors. The sharp lines and clean images are the keys to bringing this aesthetic to life and are used masterfully here.

4. Lowe’s Hardware

Another industry giant, Lowe’s Hardware represents a perfect mix between the traditional and logical website organization of Ace’s, and the fun modern look of Home’s website.

This combination helps Lowe’s stand out and bring a completely fresh look while still being incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

5. New York Hardware

New York Hardware’s modern website utilizes all of the most recent trends and techniques available within the web design space. This makes their website stand out and brings a completely new style to the hardware store space, in which most websites utilize a more traditional and “old-school” approach.

6. DIY Home Center

As one of the largest competitors in the industry, DIY Home Center perfectly conveys its size and serious nature by coloring its website in a more professional and mellow pallet consisting primarily of dark gray and unimposing shades of orange.

If your goal is to present your company as more serious and professional, this is the example you should follow.

7. Elegance In Hardware

New York-based hardware store, Elegance In Hardware is a much smaller company than some of the industry giants we placed on this list. However, what they lack in size they make up in their astonishingly elegant website that represents their brand as both extremely sophisticated and prestigious. This, by no means, comes at the expense of the website’s usability as it is both user-friendly and logical.

Their website is a perfect example of how an elegant website should be built.

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