Top 7 Summer Marketing Ideas And Tips To Increase Traffic

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Seasonal trends present business owners with perfect opportunities to increase their traffic and revenue. Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t utilize any summer marketing trends, so they miss out on a lot of sales and PR. In this article, we will list the most popular summer marketing tricks that you can use to increase your brand’s visibility during this scorching season.

The marketing tactics you can use are the following:

1. Summer Sales

A tried and tested method and one of the best ways to increase your traffic is to offer a discount on some or even all items for a short summer sales period. You will likely have more people on your website and in your store once you implement this method. The trick here is to lower your prices just enough that sales increase, but not so high that you lose out on your profits too much. It’s also important that you communicate the sale very clearly to your customers and visually mark the items that have a discount.

2. Exclusive Summer Offerings

A great way to spice up your company’s image is to offer a new and time-limited summer offer. If the offer is good enough, it will most likely pique the interest of your customers and increase the discussion around your brand. The key point here is to make your offer as interesting and thematically logical as possible to draw in your customers. The offering should ideally be fun and remind your customers of summer in some way. If it’s a success, you can even make it a yearly event for which people wait around all year long.

3. Give Your Website a Summer Theme

Almost everybody loves the fun and carefree spirit of summer that comes around as soon as the first high temperatures hit, and the pools start to open up. A great way you can link this exciting energy to your company is by making a new website theme for the summer period that will evoke these emotions in your customers. You don’t need to change much to make your website feel more summery, you just need the right color pallet and a bit of imagination.

4. Host Summer Themed Events

Depending on the type of business you’re in, you can even create fun summer events for your customers. They don’t need to be directly linked to your brand, but if you want to get the most use out of them, they should at least be somewhat related. These types of tactics were more popular in the past, however, when COVID-19 came along, they became a bit more difficult to pull off.

5. Offer Summer Themed Giveaways

A great and fun way to increase your customers’ loyalty and positive attitude towards your brand is to plan out a summer-themed giveaway. This giveaway can offer one large prize for the lucky few contestants or it can involve a large number of smaller prizes. The best thing about these giveaways is that the offered products don’t need to come from your brand and can come from teaming up with another company. The possibilities here are endless, just make sure that you make it exciting and that you gift products that people actually want.

6. Temperature Based Sales

This tactic works by the same principles as the summer sales tactic with only a slight difference, the size of the discount directly corresponds to the temperature outside. This can be a fun way to draw in customers during scorching hot days when the sales are usually low. A drawback of this approach is that it is most effective for in-store locations and not so much for online sales.

7. Make a Viral Video

The final tactic we will suggest in this article is related to making a viral video. We all know how impactful Youtube and TikTok trends can be in spreading the word about a brand so it shouldn’t be a surprise that you can use this to your benefit. By making a fun viral video you can increase your traffic drastically. The only thing you need for this tactic is a bit of imagination and a phone camera.

If you feel like using this summer to the fullest and making it the best season ever, take these suggestions as an inspiration and make a winning marketing strategy!

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